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Lanzituz programme

Lanzituz-Lan Sozietateak Sortuz is a programme aimed at unemployed people who wish to create their own employment by setting up a limited liability, public liability or workforce-owned company.

The programme's objective is to create a total of 218 new companies and 1090 new jobs over the next five years, including the following:

  • Information and advice
  • Training in entrepreneurship
  • Preparation of a business plan
  • Creation of the company and the relevant procedures
  • Follow-up and tutoring for the first six months

The programme has been financed by the European Social Fund under the coordination of the Basque Government, and it is organised by the Agrupación de Sociedades Laborales de Euskadi [Association of workforce-owned companies in the Basque Country] with the collaboration of the Gipuzkoa Chamber of Commerce, the EHU-UPV [University of the Basque Country], the CC.OO. Union and the Urola Iraurgi Berritzen Development Agency.


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