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Court of Arbitration

The Gipuzkoa Chamber's Court of Arbitration has performed the duties of national and international arbitration since 1989.

The advantages for companies or their shareholders of submitting a commercial dispute to arbitration at the Gipuzkoa Chamber's Court of Arbitration, as regards ordinary legal proceedings, are manifold:

  • Specialisation: The arbitrators at the Gipuzkoa Chamber's Court of Arbitration are all practising lawyers who have been selected from amongst the most prestigious professionals in Gipuzkoa, and are appointed by the Permanent Committee of the Court of Arbitration according to their specialisation.
  • Speed: The decisions are given within a maximum of 6 months (from the response to the application). Furthermore, the fact that the decisions cannot be appealed means there is no second, or third, instance, in contrast to what happens in court proceedings, where the substantiation of those appeals can take years.
  • Cost: Given that a court attorney is not necessary in arbitration proceedings, nor is payment of a court fee, along with the fact that an appeal is not an option, the total costs of arbitration are lower than ordinary court proceedings.
  • Confidentiality: While the principle of disclosure rules in court cases, in arbitration, both the decision and the existence of the dispute itself are kept confidential.

To this effect, knowing that arbitration is a useful competitive tool for Gipuzkoa companies, the Gipuzkoa Chamber works to promote arbitration as a method of dispute resolution and to ensure continual improvements to its Court of Arbitration.

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