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Taxation and international contracts

The Gipuzkoa Chamber offers legal advice to Gipuzkoa companies on the subject of international taxation and international commercial contracts, and to do so, it has its own team of specialist lawyers.

It also has an extensive network of collaborating firms which assist the Gipuzkoa Chamber abroad, and which enable it to offer comprehensive advice services with great added value, taking into account all the legal-fiscal aspects that apply in each case, both at source and at the destination.

The international tax advice offered by the Gipuzkoa Chamber covers practically all the needs of Gipuzkoa companies as regards foreign trade operations, from complex products such as international taxation planning or analyses on optimising taxation for projects, or for resolving specific queries.

As regards international commercial contracts, the Gipuzkoa Chamber offers global advice services on international implementation or joint ventures, as well as on the preparation and negotiation of all types of contracts.

The Gipuzkoa Chamber adapts to the client's needs in each case, and its legal and tax advice can be hired on a regular or sporadic basis.

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