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Financing for training

Companies can have an annual training credit to finance their workers' training.

We help you manage existing training grants and aid organised by the Gipuzkoa Chamber.

 • How does it work?

To be able to process these allowances, the company must entrust the Gipuzkoa Chamber with the task of managing the training in question. The company will pay the cost of the course, and once it has been completed, the allowance will be applied which corresponds to the amount the company must pay in Social Security payments. The Gipuzkoa Chamber will tell the company the month and the amount to be discounted.

 • Who can access this financing?

All companies located in Spanish territory who pay their general Social Security dues and carry out training activities for their workers.

 • How much is the subsidy?

Financing will depend on the length of the training programme, the number of participating students, and the level of the course. The Gipuzkoa Chamber will help you to calculate the amount corresponding to each company, with the maximum being the annual training credit that corresponds to the company.

 • How can I process these grants or allowances?

Always before starting the training in question. You will need to notify that the course is going to start, at least seven days in advance.

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