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Digital certificate for companies

The Gipuzkoa Chamber issues widely recognised Camerfirma digital certificates for companies for business use. The procedure to collect this certificate requires the applicant to be physically present at the Gipuzkoa Chamber offices to provide the relevant documentation.

We have several types of digital certificates for companies and in different formats (software and hardware):

  • Electronic invoice Specific certificate for issuing electronic invoices, which does not enable you to carry out any other type of procedure for security reasons. This format is particularly appropriate for automated processes, situations in which the certificate is kept in the hands of third parties, etc.
  • Company membership It guarantees the identity of the natural person who is the title-holder of the certificate, as well as their link to a specific entity by virtue of the position they hold at said entity.
  • Legal person This is issued for a legal entity and it may be used whenever permitted in the relations held between the legal person and the public authorities or administration, or when hiring goods or services.
  • Representative This is issued for a natural person representing a given entity. The title-holder of the certificate is not only identified as a natural person forming part of a company, but also as the legal or general representative of said company.

For more information and to request CAMERFIRMA business certificates:

Cámara de Gipuzkoa Avda. de Tolosa, nº 75 - 20018 Donostia-San Sebastián Tel. +34 943 00 03 00 - info@camaragipuzkoa.com