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Programme for part-time export promoters - PROFEX

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The PROFEX programme is aimed at Basque SMEs

  • who wish to diversify their target market and need to strengthen their internationalisation departments.
  • who do not have the internal capacity or sufficiently prepared human resources to initiate the internationalisation process.

The objective of the PROFEX programme is to increase Basque companies' internationalisation in two ways: by supporting the creation of an exports department at the company, by means of a part-time export promoter; and by assisting in the preparation of an international commercial plan.

Operational method for the PROFEX programme

  • PROFEX provides every participating company with a part-time export promoter.
  • The export promoters are selected and trained by the Basque Chambers of Commerce.
  • They will follow an international commercial plan, which will be drawn up in the first few months of the project, with the Chambers' technical assistance.
  • During the project, the Chambers will supervise and advise on the ongoing internationalisation process.
  • The cost for each company is 400 €/month.
  • The duration of the project is 18 months.

Characteristics of the part-time export promoter

  • A shared technician for every group of 3 companies.
  • No competition between them.
  • If possible, there should be some synergy: complementary product / aimed at the same sectors / markets.

Duties of the part-time export promoter

  • To give a periodic report of their activities to each of the three companies and the Chamber.
  • To comply with the commercial plan.
  • Code of conduct.
  • Confidentiality commitment

Duties of the Gipuzkoa Chamber

  • Operational management of the project.
  • Selection of participating companies and group training.
  • Selection of the export promoters, training and allocation of the groups/companies according to their characteristics.
  • Support in drawing up the international commercial plan.
  • Support for companies and promoters throughout the project.
  • Programme assessment and monitoring.
  • Confidentiality commitment.

Duties of the company

  • To support the appointed export promoter.
  • To provide the technical expert with sufficient means to be able to carry out his/her duties correctly.
  • To pay the set fee to the technical expert on a monthly basis.
  • To follow the commercial plan.
  • To cover the transport costs incurred in the normal development of the technical expert's commercial actions.
  • Commitment to stay for 18 months.
  • To sign the corresponding contract with the technical expert.
  • To hold periodic monitoring and assessment meetings with the Chamber. 
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