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Commercial consulting and plans


If your company needs to increase sales, create a commercial department, or relaunch an existing department, we can help you.

The Gipuzkoa Chamber, according to the commercial needs of each company, will analyse, diagnose, advise on the preparation of a commercial plan, and accompany you in its implementation, proposing any improvements in commercial processes, indicators and monitoring tools in the commercial area.

As a result of this work, the company will achieve the following:

  • Development and completion of commercial objectives
  • Identification of potential clients
  • Definition of segmentation criteria
  • Establishment of competitive advantages and value offer
  • Definition of commercial and marketing actions
  • Definition of commercial indicators
  • Preparation of an annual sales budget
  • Implementation of tools that enable the company to have a commercial scorecard with the indicators that help to monitor commercial activity
  • Decision on whether or not to implement CRM

The company will launch its own commercial process through tutoring by expert consultants from the Gipuzkoa Chamber of Commerce, who will guide the appointed people and promote knowledge, reflection, debate and learning.

Subsequently, they will follow up on the developed actions, as well as ensuring the correct use of the implemented tools and the effectiveness of the commercial activity in question, as regards the defined objectives.

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