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Internationalisation Strategy and Plan

Support in the strategic reflection that will enable the company to...

  • Analyse its current competitive situation.
  • Define its strategic position.
  • Define its internationalisation strategy.
  • Identify the best way of accessing markets.
  • Select target markets.
  • Set its objectives and plans of action in the mid- and long-term in overseas markets.
  • Support in putting the plan in action: tutoring and training in international operability.

Under the guidance of an expert in internationalisation, we analyse the current business model, its international scope, selecting the most suitable internationalisation strategy for the product in question, the market and the company's capacity and resources, where we project its value offer onto the market based on its competitive edge.

Once the internationalisation strategy has been defined, we will establish the market segmentation criteria, selecting those priority markets, and we will draw up an internationalisation plan with a series of actions per market. This plan will be supervised during its start-up (the first year) by an expert in internationalisation, who will tutor at the company to ensure the internationalisation plan is implemented correctly.

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