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Commercial Innovation Diagnosis


The Official Gipuzkoa Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Services and Shipping informs that there is a Public Notice for grants for the development of Commercial Innovation Diagnoses within the framework of the Retail Trade Plan, financed by the EU European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and by the Department of the Secretary of State for Trade.  

What does it entail?

The purpose of the Notice is to promote the participation of commercial SMEs in the Commercial Innovation Diagnoses under the Retail Trade Plan. This action mainly aims to contribute to making businesses more competitive, through carrying out personalised diagnoses and improvement recommendations reports, so as to boost the adoption of methodologies and solutions that will help to better their competitive edge.

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Who can be a recipient?

SMEs or autonomous enterprises within the territorial scope of the Official Gipuzkoa Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Services and Shipping, which come under any of the categories of activity listed in the CNAE-2009 [National Classification of Economic Activity], Group 47 or which are registered in the IAE [Business Activities Tax] under sections 64, 65 or 66. Pharmacies are not included.

Cost for the participating company

The programme is subsidised 100%


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