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Competitive Intelligence

The combination of Internet and communication technologies has led to exponential growth in the speed of information transmission, and basically the speed in which things are changing in the world. Without doubt, controlling (or not) information outside of the company affects the decisions we have to make on a daily basis, and consequently, the company's strategy, whatever its size or activity.

Competitive intelligence is not a new concept. It is based on a company's strategy, or strategic reflection, with the purpose of providing feedback. Competitive intelligence is the process of systematising external information collection that is relevant to one's business, in order to transform that information into specific knowledge to implement or feed back into the business strategy.
This collected information will be relevant to the company when it enables us:

  • To get ahead of possible changes in the market.
  • To minimise the risk of decision-making and transform any detected threats into opportunities.
  • In short, to implement our business strategy, systematising the watch over critical factors in our business.

The Gipuzkoa Chamber can assist your company in organising and systematising the observation, capture, analysis, precise diffusion and recovery of external information on your economic, competitive, legislative and sectoral environment, converting it into useful information for your business.
Each Competitive Intelligence project is different in that each business is different, even when operating in the same activity sector. At the Gipuzkoa Chamber, we adapt to meet your needs.
We have extensive experience in knowledge management, critical information processing, data bases, search and handling of large quantities of information, data mining, etc.

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